Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Road Trip up the West Coast of Ireland

Ever been on a road trip with a campervan?  This was my first time on such an adventure and I found it quite interesting that you can do so much in such a small space.  The Campervan slept 4 so we packed a tent in too in case there were no Bed and Breakfasts nearby.
We started off heading towards Cork and then out to Limerick and on to Ennis where we stopped for dinner at a pub, and then on too Carragholt where Nic and Mike found a BnB and the rest of us slept in the van.  After breakfast (pictured) we drove on to Loophead lighthouse and went for a walk, the sun was out and it was very pleasant despite the wind.

Next was a drive through the Burren - a sort of vast rocky land that seems a little desolate because there aren't any trees growing around, and then on to find some amazing cliffs where we could see out to the Aran Islands...
Loophead lighthouse

The view out to the Aran Islands only seen on a clear day

Gorgeous walk along the Cliffs of Moher
Onward then to Ballyvaughn Bay where we had a lovely salad for dinner and set up the tent for me as Nic, Mike, Robyn and Darren all slept in the campervan.  It was a great arrangement and although I was warm enough I hardly slept due to strange and unfamiliar noises on the bay and the feeling that I was about to be ambushed by a crazy old man living in the abandoned house nearby!!

I was not attacked that night however, and woke to a beautiful sunny morning and a cooked breakfast.  After making it to Galway in time for Mass we walked a little through the city streets of Galway and found a BnB nearby to sleep that night.

Campervan to the right, abandoned house to the left and my tent in the middle!

The spread at breakfast at a Galway cafe/restaurant, and yes we ate here!

Dinner that night was fantastic and we all enjoyed our own meals - a plus when we each ordered a different plate as I usually sit there and wish I'd ordered the plate of the person sitting next to me...  We returned to the restaurant in the morning as they did a good breakfast also and great coffee.

We returned home Monday evening and made the most of Nicky and Michael's last night in Ireland.

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