Thursday, 5 April 2012

Did someone say food?

Food-lovers, I know this isn't exactly the season to be getting into food (it's more appropriate to give it up!!) but I will have to offer up a "post" Lenten fast this year!  The following is for my dear family and friends (namely mum, Liz and Helena) who have been inquiring into my Irish diet.
I live with Robyn and Darren Allen, both are interested in food, and Robyn has even done the illustrious 12 week course at the Cookery School... I add this because it means that we eat well.
Most of our food is locally sourced (eg. local honey, local cheese, local organic vegies and some fruit from Ballymaloe gardens, homemade bread -pictured, local yoghurt - Tim's, locally roasted coffee , even local pork!!) and tastes amazing.
I've been sticking to my fruit for breakfast, with a coffee or two (roasted to perfection by the gent in the photo eating dinner with us, Marky-Mark), then lunch has been a variety of things from soups to salads to eggs on toast.
Last year Robyn grew and sold 'salad', and although she's not doing the same this year she incorporates her salad into her meals cooked at home.  And when I say 'salad' I don't mean the usual lettuce salad or even a 'type' of salad that we're used to in Australia.  It's a gorgeous mix of a variety of salad leaves first of all, usually 2 types of rocket (regular and wild), chervil, parsley, marigold petal and a few other things which I've forgotten.  See the picture though and you'll get the idea.  A mouth-full of this has the most amazing flavour!

Of particular note is the cheese pictured, one of Tim's cheddars, and almost all of the dinners that Robyn has cooked so far (delicous sausage, onion and apple hot pot and then in the pictures a wonderful salad with Darren's pork, soft labne and toasted seeds!!).

Tonight (Thursday night) we went to tapas at the Ballymaloe shop cafe and I tried the ribs - so tender and tasty!  Robyn had the roast veg salad and Darren the bean curry - I believe mine was the best :-)

More on food in subsequent posts!!

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