Friday, 27 July 2012

Cheese Diary - part one


Dear Cheese Diary

Today I made a cheese of my very own using 7 litres of pasteurised cows milk. 

I brought this milk up to 32 degrees centigrade and added 1 heaped teaspoon of 404 Culture.

After stirring in the culture I waited 1hour and 5mins and added approximately 2 dessert spoons of rennet (which had been diluted in double the amount of water) and stirred again.
I left the milk to set or coagulate for 30 minutes and then cut the curd.

Once I'd cut the curd a few times (ensuring enough moisture had escaped the little curd pieces) I turned up the heat gently to about 45 degrees, continually stirring. This is known as "washing the curd".

At this point I found that the curd was ready to be put into my mould.  It actually didn't make as big a cheese as I thought.  I was aiming for a fat "Large Gubbeen" size weighing in at about 1.7kilos.  Sadly it's only about 600g!!

My waxed cheese!
So I'm about to try it and will add some photos when I do - I hope it's a good one.
It did get smoked, which is why it's been waxed, but it didn't dry out properly the first time, so it could be that it doesn't taste quite right... we'll see!!!

1st Sept
Back again Cheese Diary

I know it's been longer than expected, but I've finally tasted my cheese and it tastes great - smooth and creamy and lightly smoked - not overdone.  I'm very pleased with the outcome.

I'm attempting to add some photos below...

The moment of truth... will it be good or won't it???

smells good to me!

sweet satisfaction

A cheesy grin!