Saturday, 21 April 2012

I am a Trolley Dolly

Could I get any cuter?  No?  Hhmmm, so it's not the most flattering uniform but I have indeed been working in the Ballymaloe restaurant as a Trolley Dolly.  My job entails serving delicious desserts and a lovely selection of cheeses to clients eating in-house, as well as the usual cleaning and dishes etc.  It's easy and enjoyable and I've met some great co-workers, everyone seems to get along.

To give you an idea of some of the desserts we serve, I've included a few pictures.

The first is a 'Delice au Cassis', which translates to Blueberry Delicious!  It's a tangy berry mouse dessert with berry jelly.  The second is a classic Bakewell Tart.  Treats like are made all day in the Sweets Kitchen at Ballymaloe and left out to be loaded onto a dessert trolley, which I would then take out to certain tables ready for them.  This is after the cheese course of course.  Most people chose only one or two things, there are always a selection of about 5 different desserts, all using local ingredients (where possible) and during this season rhubarb has featured in many of them.

My next blog will be about my 3 days in the Sweets Kitchen with the master of sweets JR... stay tuned.

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